AUL2 HPW and the New Forest Green Halo Partnership

HPW and the New Forest Green Halo Partnership

HPW is delighted to be working with this natural capital focused organisation, the aim of which is to ensure that the environment in and around the New Forest is a vital part of a thriving, economically successful community.

The Green Halo is about making the protection of our natural assets part and parcel of planning for the future. It aims to do that by encouraging public and private organisations, communities and individuals to recognise the economic value of the natural environment, the “natural capital”, and ensure that it is taken properly into account when decisions are made about how land and habitats are managed or developed.

The Green Halo aims to help find practical ways in which our environment can help tackle many of the challenges society faces today: From improving public health or creating sustainable business, to making better use of renewable resources or addressing atmospheric pollution and climate change.  

HPW Managing Director Gary Wilburn leads the Sustainable Living working group and also sits on the main steering group.

As founder members, HPW Architecture fully supports the aims of the New Forest Green Halo Partnership.  To find out how you can get involved please email:

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