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Time for change...

HPW are excited to share with you our new branding and upcoming changes...

In order to clearly define our services, the HPW Group will be made up of three identities:

Since 1986 we have made a positive impact on society and the built environment.
People, community, environment and sustainability remain at the core. We will continue to understand your needs with a responsible view to create exemplar structures and environments.

Design Collaborative
There will always be a connection between Architecture and Design. To meet your needs, our design team will now have more responsibility, enabling them to reach out to expanding sectors. The places we work and live are changing and our focus will be to help you stay ahead of these changes.
Value and sustainability will make your enterprise more productive and successful.
The Collaborative elements include branding, Graphics, Commercialism, Websites etc.

/‘in.ti.greit/ - to combine two or more things to become more effective - Cambridge Dictionary
We will make announcements soon about how we are connecting with innovation and technologies, changing the way we build, design and live.
Integrations is that connection, with technologies in energy, building materials, off grid living, waste handling, local sourcing and much more.

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be updating our website with our new brand identities and illustrating how this restructuring will provide a more expansive, creative and flexible service for clients, collaborators, contractors and fellow consultants.

Contact details for correspondence, emails and phone numbers are retained and our administrative team will be ready to answer any queries.


HPW are excited to share some positive news!

The 2020 New Forest National Park Authority "Green Building Award" winner is HPW Architecture for the Peppa Pig building at Paulton’s Park. This design features a wildflower roof, windcatchers, super insulated building envelope and sustainable drainage system.

David Illsley, NPA Policy Manager, said: "The judging panel was impressed with the development and its green credentials. Now the building has been operational for a number of years we can see the green features have performed as projected".

Click Here to read more from the NFNPA...


Green Halo Partnership